About Us

The Beaver Builder Mega Menu plugin arose out of a client project that needed a mega menu which was powerful enough to build a beautiful, fully styled mega menu, but be easy enough for my client to update on their own every month or so. I had been hacking the theme to do this but that was a big pain in the butt. I do a moderate amount of PHP/JS but a proper plugin was above my pay grade, so I hired a developer to write one. It worked so well I decided to make it available to others! My other dev is still involved in support, patches & updates.

Barbara Schendel

Barbara has been creating websites since the late 1990s, and has been working exclusively in WordPress since 2010. Her background is in graphic design, and her entrance to WordPress was creating WP websites running custom-coded themes for client sites. She is now a huge Beaver Builder evangelist. Her full time WordPress development business is Wizzy Wig Web Design.